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Why did you create Wuzzlio?

We at Liechtenecker love to play foosball! From he beginning of the company it was big part of our company’s culture. This is why it was only a question of time until we create a tool to manage all our games. Now we want to share our experiences with you.

What does alpha release mean?

It is a release that is not finished yet. We are still testing the application and there could be changes.

Why is there only an Admin account?

For now we do not see enough advantages in providing accounts for all players. We at Liechteneckers have a tablet for using Wuzzlio. The admin is logged in an everybody is able to use it.

Is the GameStore a magic number?

Yes and no! Yes because it show how you compare to the other players and no because it is just math magic.
Your score is a comparison between your played games and wins. Additionally you will get a bonus for every fatality win.

What is a fatality win?

When you're able to win a game with leaving your opponents with no goal, well that's a fatality win.

Why does Wuzzlio not work on my phone?

Wuzzlio is optimized for a screen width of 1024px. We need this amount of space to make the app work.

What about a tournament mode?

Awesome idea!=) Yeah we already know that this is a required feature. This is we are already working on that.

Will Wuzzlio be free forever?

Unfortunately this is not possible. Currently we are testing Wuzzlio in an early alpha phase. We are going to release several payment plans in the future.