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The one and only foosball manager for you and your team

Foosball is an easy and enjoying way of bringing people together to socialize.
Wuzzlio will make managing it a breeze.

A foosball manager for all kind or organizations

We at Liechtenecker love to play foosball! From the beginning of the company it was a big part of our company’s culture. This is why it only was a question of time until we create a tool to manage all of our games. Now we want to provide you the same experience.

Wuzzlio Intro

Start a game in three steps

Choose your players. Position them in the teams. Play.

Random setups

Let the application decide who is playing next. Wuzzlio will choose from a pool of players the next game.

Who’s the best?

All games and results ara saved. From now on it is crystal clear to everyone who really is the best player.

Slack it

Tired of shouting out the players of the next game? These days are over! Integrate Slack with Wuzzlio and your draws are automatically posted to your Slack channel.

Social up

In every kind of group the social culture is very important. Let’s make it easy to socialize in a fun and enjoyable way. These are the kind of breaks every company needs. Social up!


Start your better foosball experience now